Celebration of Wal Thornhill

The Chapel Gold Creek, Canberra, Australia Friday 17 February 2023 1 hour, 8 minutes DIRECT LINK TO THE ARCHIVE LIVESTREAM.COM/IV/WALTHORNHILL Print this page

Wal Thornhill 1942-2023

It is with profound sadness we announce the passing of Wal Thornhill. He died peacefully on Tuesday, February 7, 2023, surrounded by family in Canberra, Australia. Wal was a world leading theorist of Electric Universe cosmology; the chief science advisor to The Thunderbolts Project; a science consultant for the Safire Project. The obituary, published …Print…

Electric Universe on Gaia Video Streaming

“Take a step back in time, 10,000 years ago, when the solar system was vastly different than it is now. All across the globe, ancient tales offer similar accounts of a sky we would not recognize on planet we would not know as home. By examining the mythology from many of these ancient cultures, paired…

2019 Electric Universe conference

2019 EU UK Conference
2019 EU UK Conference

Exciting news from the Electric Universe United Kingdom site: “… [electricuniverseuk.eu] are hosting an Electric Universe UK event again this summer. Whilst EU UK was not intended to be an annual event, when Thunderbolts Project™ USA regrettably had to cancel earlier in the year, we took the view that EU UK could help maintain international…

Birmingham Lecture in the UK

The Birmingham & Midland Institute has invited Wal Thornhill to give a lecture and you can attend for only a tenner! (£8 BMI Member/Student, £10 non member). Further details on the BMI site.Print this page

Reconnect 2018 – EU Conference in the UK

Reconnect 2018 Electric Universe UK Conference
Reconnect 2018 Electric Universe UK Conference

This year our Electric Universe conference is to be held in the UK! That’s right, if you live anywhere in the UK or Europe and have missed the opportunity to attend a US-based conference, now’s your chance to attend an international event closer to home. The Reconnect 2018 UK Conference, from Saturday 7th to Wednesday…

Space News Coming Soon

The holoscience.com site is soon to feature Space News from the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® articles authored by Wal Thornhill as found on our sister site thunderbolts.info.Print this page

Wal speaks in Melbourne this February

For those in Melbourne, Australia with a keen interest in theosophy and/or Electric Universe, enter Saturday February 3rd 2008 into your organisers! Hosted by The Theosophical Society (Pasadena) Australasian Section, and held in the Theosophical Society (Pasadena) Library Centre, 664 Glenhuntly Road, South Caulfield, Melbourne, their first meeting of the year is to feature a presentation…

Rupert Sheldrake on The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®…

Rupert Sheldrake talks EU on YouTube
Rupert Sheldrake talks EU on YouTube

Here at holoscience.com we now have our own The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® on YouTube! First up is Rupert Sheldrake on The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®. This is about a fifteen minute segment of a much longer video presentation titled “Breaking Scientific Taboos”. Enjoy this down-to-earth, easy to understand appraisal of the basics of the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® and of…

Wal to speak at ASTRO Victoria

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