Wal Thornhill: James Webb Space Telescope & Fundamental Change | Thunderbolts

There has been no substantial change in our understanding of the universe since the middle of the 20th century. The narrative has become complicated as barnacles of ad hoc theory are encrusted in a Titanic of institutionalised science. Fundamental changes will eventually sink the standard model.

Thunderbolts Chief Science Advisor, Wal Thornhill, predicts the James Webb Space Telescope will support the research of Halton Arp. JWST observations may verify high redshift quasars are ‘born’ in pairs that emit bi-directional jets along the spin axis of a low-redshift galaxy. Plasmoid driven galactic bi-directional dense plasma focus experiments of Active Galactic Nucleus behavior may prove to be accurate. When an EU model prediction is verified it illustrates fundamental change.

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