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Electric Earthquakes


Civilization’s interest in predicting the location and time of damaging earthquakes is clear. The potential for devastation of property that otherwise could be secured, and the loss of life that otherwise could be prevented, are powerful reasons to find predictive … Continue reading

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Voyager 1 at the Edge – of what?

Voyager 1 reaches the termination shock

“The observations that are not explainable by current scientific theories are the most valuable, for they may propel the field forward in the next cycle of innovation, possibly to a paradigm shift.” – Don L. Jewett, What’s Wrong With Single … Continue reading

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Hyperion’s History


On September 26th, Cassini successfully performed its closest flybys of Saturn’s moons Tethys and Hyperion. Hyperion (seen below in false color) is a strange, spongy-looking body with dark-floored craters that speckle its surface. The image of Hyperion evoked the same … Continue reading

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Comet Tails of the Expected

Comet Wild 2 compared to electrically machined surface

Specific predictions were made almost four years ago on this website about the possible effects to be observed in the Deep Impact experiment. Key predictions were that there would be a flash just before impact and that the outburst accompanying … Continue reading

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Supernova 1987A Decoded

Diagram of supernova 1987a

Supernova 1987A is the closest supernova event since the invention of the telescope. It was first seen in February 1987 in the nearby Magellanic cloud, a dwarf companion galaxy of the Milky Way, and only 169,000 light years from Earth. … Continue reading

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Comet Tempel 1’s Electrifying Impact

67 seconds after the impact of Deep Impact with Comet Tempel 1

It is now little more than a week since the spectacular hyper-velocity meeting of Comet Tempel 1 with a copper projectile sent from Earth. Preliminary results of the Deep Impact experiment are being reported from telescopes in space and around … Continue reading

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The Deep Impact of Comet Theory

Deep impact artist's impression

(I hope my readers will forgive the absence of news items for the past few months while I took a break and gave some presentations in Europe on the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®. I did manage to keep an editorial eye on … Continue reading

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The Dragon Storm

A news item headlined “The Dragon Storm” appeared on the Cassini mission website on February 24. The imagery of the celestial dragon in this context is an unconscious nod to an electrified universe. The new science of plasma behavior emphasizes … Continue reading

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Columbia downed by Megalightning

Columbia space shuttle launch

The second anniversary of the Columbia disaster passed almost unnoticed on February 1. Recent news reports said that the astronauts assigned to the first space shuttle mission since then were confident the mistakes and technical problems that led to that … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Strange Hot Spot Explained

Schematic of the Faraday motor effect upon a planet (or star).

The following excerpt is from the Keck Observatory News: MAUNA KEA (February 4, 2005) Astronomers using the Keck I telescope in Hawaii are learning much more about a strange, thermal “hot spot” on Saturn that is located at the tip … Continue reading

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