Wal Thornhill: “Impossible” Stars or Electric Stars? | Space News

Physicist Wal Thornhill, Chief Science Advisor of The Thunderbolts Project, joins us to discuss a number of recent scientific discoveries relating to the nature of stars. These discoveries confound or are irreconcilable with standard ideas about how stars form, where their energy comes from and why they go supernova.

In part one of our conversation, Wal explains why these new discoveries are not surprising at all from the Electric Universe viewpoint.

“Wal Thornhill: Seeing Double – Electric Cosmology | Space News”

Source material of several subjects in this episode:

• European Space Agency
“XMM Newton Reveals Giant Flare From Tiny Star”

• c|net
“Missing stars could point to alien civilizations”

• Phys.org
“New evidence shows key assumption made in the discovery of dark energy is in error”

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