Stuart Talbott: Stars Are Born In Z-pinch | Thunderbolts

Independent researcher, Stuart Talbott, deconstructs the standard model of gravitational collapse and mass accretion to create stars over eons of time—versus—the EU model of the electromagnetic phenomenon called the Z-pinch, also known as the Bennett pinch, as the force governing the rapid formation of stars.

Hannes Alfvén, who predicted stars form by Z-pinches along vast networks of filaments, like beads on a string, wrote… ”important fields of research, including the formation of stars, are based on a neglect of Bennett’s discovery…present-day students in astrophysics hear nothing about it.”

Alfvén’s statement about students unfamiliar with the concept of electric currents in space is as true today as it was decades ago. Nevertheless, science is an ongoing endeavor, and by its intrinsic nature makes accurate the prediction that inevitably, ‘the truth will out.’

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