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Spirit Chases a Martian Mirage

Spirit vista

While this report was being written came worrying news that the Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit, is not functioning normally. On January 21, 2004 ground controllers were able to send commands to Spirit and received a simple signal acknowledging that the … Continue reading

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Comet Wild 2

Comet Wild 2 jets

‘The remarkable properties of comets are not even remotely explicable by any of the numerous ad hoc assumptions of ‘modern’ comet theory.’ – Prof. R A Lyttleton, Journey to the Centre of Uncertainty, Speculations in Science & Technology, Vol. 8, … Continue reading

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Ockham’s Beard

Saturn from Cassini

Mel Acheson’s thought provoking and entertaining “epistemological commercials” have enlivened the free Thoth email newsletter and many of our public meetings. I feel it is appropriate that I include, with permission, his most recent “commercial” at the beginning of this … Continue reading

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