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Sunspot Mysteries

Tornado of fire

‘If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.’ – Rene Descartes The following report appeared in New Photos of Sun … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Slowness of Light

“The more one reflects on the nature of light, matter and gravitation, the more he realizes that there are problems connected with them that are quite insoluble in terms of our current notions. But we no longer reflect intelligently on … Continue reading

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Water on Mars?

Laboratory discharge

Planetary scientists are busy looking for evidence of water on Mars in support of plans to send robotic and, eventually, manned missions to the red planet. Water is a key ingredient in the search for signs of extraterrestrial life. Some … Continue reading

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Podkletnov's disc

According to the physicist, Lee Smolin, cranks are just a fact of life for working physicists. “Several of us have speculated that there must be a particular psychosis that results in people believing that they have disproved relativity.” New Scientist, … Continue reading

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A Mystery Solved – Welcome to the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®!

Pioneer 10

“We simply do not have a truly unified view of the world, one that paints an unambiguous picture of some overall scheme. …one invariably confronts a deep fissure that can be overcome only with revolutionary new ideas.” – Etienne Klein … Continue reading

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The Balloon goes up over lightning!

Glow discharge tube

In August 2001 a high-altitude balloon was sent aloft to ride far above the great storms of the mid-west USA. Researchers had sent the balloon, like a Dark Rider out of Tolkien, riding into the moonless night, seeking sprites, gnomes … Continue reading

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Charge Separation in the Mind

Lagoon Nebula

“The operation of removing a problem from its traditional context and placing it into a new one, looking at it through glasses of a different color, as it were, has always seemed to me of the very essence of the … Continue reading

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