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Ius Chasma

“The ultimate objective of comparative planetology, it might be said, is something like a vast computer program into which we insert a few input parameters (perhaps the initial mass, composition and angular momentum of a protoplanet and the population of … Continue reading

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Comet Borrelly rocks core scientific beliefs

Comet Borrelly

[The blockquoted text in brown is from an original news story. The highlighted text is a statement of the “core beliefs” held by astronomers. The regular text is my commentary with short quotations in brown.] The above headline accompanied the … Continue reading

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Solar neutrino puzzle is solved?

The Sudbury Neutrino (SNO) experiment

The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® model has made some capital from the fact that the key evidence for a nuclear engine in the Sun, the neutrino count, failed to live up to expectations. In Physics World, July 2001, [see ] an … Continue reading

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Two Spacecraft Watch An Arc Welder on Io

MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE JET PROPULSION LABORATORY CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION March 29, 2001 Original Caption Released with Image: Two tall volcanic plumes and the rings of red material they have deposited onto surrounding surface areas … Continue reading

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Scientists fail to unravel the kinks in solar waves


NASA/JPL NEWS RELEASE Posted: March 29, 2001 Kinks in the Sun’s magnetic field have puzzled scientists since they first started studying the solar wind, and now researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., have found the reason: they are … Continue reading

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EROS not so Mysterious

Etchings on Eros and Mars

The following message is from Reuters: On February 12, the world’s first spacecraft will land on an asteroid – Eros, named after the Greek god of love – and stream a series of photographs in nearly real time. That equates … Continue reading

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