Wal Thornhill: An Electrical Path to Grand Unification

by Wal Thornhill | July 18, 2022 6:12 am


Wal Thornhill: An Electrical Path to Grand Unification

Dr. Michael Shilo DeLay and Dr. Anastasia Bendebury have a lively in-depth interview with Wal Thornhill, Chief Science Advisor of The Thunderbolts Project.

Physicists have been seeking a grand unifying theory for as long as they’ve known that the very large and the very small don’t properly fit into Newton’s equations. Wal has spent his life working on an electrical solution to this problem, and shares an overview of what he’s found. As a young man inspired by the work of Velikovsky, Wal sketches out the foundational concepts for how everything can be described through the lens of electricity, and talks about resistance in the sciences to truly radical ideas.

Source URL: https://www.holoscience.com/wp/wallace-thornhill-an-electrical-path-to-grand-unification/