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Comet – Asteroid Link Confirmed

“The remarkable properties of comets are not even remotely explicable by any of the numerous ad hoc assumptions of ‘modern’ comet theory.” — R A Lyttleton, FRS, Journey to the Centre of Uncertainty, Speculations in Science & Technology. Further support … Continue reading

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Astronomical Myths of Mercury & the Sun

Artist's impression of MESSENGER over Mercury

The Messenger spacecraft has its inaugural fly-by of the planet Mercury today. Once again we hear the mantra that it will answer the solar system’s big questions. Once again it will fail to do so because our modern myths of … Continue reading

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2008 – Year of the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®

Depiction of an intense auroral funnel.

The pause in news from this website is ended. I declare 2008 the International Year of the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE®. More on that later… “A first rate theory predicts A second rate theory forbids And a third rate theory explains after … Continue reading

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