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The plume from Io's Tvashtar "volcano"

The book is now available from Mikamar Publishing. “Compelling, highly readable, and superbly illustrated, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to what will surely be the beginnings of a scientific revolution in the years ahead. The ELECTRIC UNIVERSE® understanding eliminates … Continue reading

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The Astrophysical Crisis at Red Square

Mwc 922 The Red Square Nebula

“The history of science shows that the progress of science has constantly been hampered by the tyrannical influence of certain conceptions that finally come to be considered as dogma. For this reason, it is proper to submit periodically to a … Continue reading

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Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance

Global warning

“As for the promised control of nature, it is in rout before nature unleashed.” -Jacques Barzun, Science: the glorious entertainment “Next we come to a question that everyone, scientist and non-scientist alike, must have asked at some time. What is … Continue reading

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